Best Public Restroom

The Chase Park Plaza

We've been saying it for years: The Chase is the place — for a surreptitious, um, powder-room excursion. Because the enormous Chase Park Plaza complex houses a hotel, apartments, a movie theater, a few restaurants and bars, and many rental ballrooms, folks are coming and going at all hours of the day and night. And we mean going. When you duck into one of the super-clean ground-floor restrooms, you escape from the multiplex's inherent hustle and bustle. Time seems to stop. Serene music plays. And each stall is a tiny room unto itself, complete with a (locking) floor-to-ceiling door: supreme privacy. Plus, the slats on this portal provide a view out, allowing you to inspect the shoes of your potty-going brethren without them ever knowing about you, the silent (but deadly) judge.
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