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Springdale Park & Pool

As the ruthless heat of the summer brings St. Louis to a lethargic crawl, Springdale Park & Pool offers an answer. Just outside of the city, the summer oasis boasts a one-acre pool surrounded by a fifty-acre park. A chainlink fence surrounds the pool, allowing patrons to drive right up and crack open a few beers (BYOB permitted!). The large pavilions throughout host family reunions and barbecues daily, while the adventurous can try out their jackknife on the pool's high dive or dominate in a game of water volleyball. Not into swimming? Get down on the park's mini-golf course or play a few rounds of pinball at the arcade. Fun for both adults and children, Springdale's friendly atmosphere takes you back to simpler days of fun in the sun. With your shades on, the babes out and hot dogs in hand, summer living has never been this easy.

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