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Forest Park

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You could spend your entire life visiting Forest Park (5595 Grand Drive) and never get bored. There’s natural beauty there, sure, but the amount of activities contained in the 1,326 acres there seems infinite. You can visit the Saint Louis Art Museum or the Saint Louis Zoo or the Saint Louis Science Center. You can golf. You can ride a bike. You can learn some local history. You can skate. You can walk. You can fish. You can have a picnic. You can sunbathe. You can play softball. You can fly a kite. You can sit down for dinner. You can do yoga. You can kayak. You can ride a paddle boat. You can see native wildflowers. You can visit the natural playscape for kids. And sometimes, if you’re lucky, you can even see performances of Shakespeare’s plays or hot air balloons. Forest Park is magical. —Jaime Lees
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