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River's Edge Park

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Chesterfield has all the accoutrements of a well-to-do suburb: sprawling subdivisions, meticulous landscaping, strip malls for days. Out here, surprises are hard to come by — that's how these 'burbs are designed, after all — and so when you find them, like at River's Edge Park, it's especially wonderous. The park opened this spring in an unlikely location — directly behind Taubman Prestige Outlets (you have to park in Taubman's lot to access it). Walk up a small hill, cross the perfectly smooth bike path and in no time you're surrounded by nearly 200 acres of untamed trees, tall native grasses, wildflowers, wetlands and water bugs. In here, there's no sound of the just-purchased Aston Martins from the nearby luxury-car dealership, no sight of newly sculpted noses from the neighboring St. Louis Cosmetic Surgery center, no shopping bags from the outlet mall, and there's no hunting — bargain or otherwise. The two-plus miles of crushed limestone trails ring a 38-acre lake (bring your kayak and a picnic!), and they hook up with the Great Rivers Greenway. It's a glimpse of how beautiful the suburbs can be when nature is allowed to do its thing, wild and free. 17017 North Outer 40 Road, Chesterfield, 63005.
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