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This challenging and beautiful course has a reputation for swallowing golfers alive. Just ask Mark Mihal. He was standing on an Annbriar fairway last March when he disappeared into a sinkhole some eighteen feet deep. Mihal survived the ordeal with a few minor injuries, a true rarity considering most golfers leave Annbriar with just their egos bruised. This 6,500-plus-yard, par-72 course tests both finesse players and big hitters alike. Particularly fun is hole No. 9, a par-five dogleg that could have you delighting in a birdie or, more often, sobbing with a triple bogey. Whether you feast on Annbriar or it feasts on you, you'll leave respecting this eighteen-hole gem. As Mark Mihal told the media just after his rescue from Annbriar, it was all worth it: "It's one of the better, if not the best, public course in the area."

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