Best Public Art (Temporary)

I Give Up: The Comic Art of Ted May

If you were fortunate and paying attention while driving between October 1 and November 15 (give or take a day) last year, you may have spotted Ted May's work on display throughout the metro area. Images from May's award-winning comic-book work were printed onto magnets and affixed to Lisa Bulawsky's Blindspot Gallery (actually a white Ford minivan) in the form of the occasionally mobile show I Give Up: The Comic Art of Ted May. Pen-and-ink renditions of bears, scorpions, people fighting, people talking, a man getting his intestines kicked out of his body and other May creations were yours for the taking -- if you could find Blindspot parked somewhere (plucking magnets from a moving vehicle is difficult, not to mention dangerous). The marriage of May's work and the Blindspot ethos was fitting. Blindspot was created to make people aware of the printmaker's role as entertainer and teacher; May's work is entertaining (who doesn't love seeing someone's guts being kicked out in the name of an ontological disagreement?) and an object lesson that comic books can be a form of capital-S Serious Art. And even if you didn't pick up on the intellectual underpinnings, there was no denying the thrill of selecting a piece of May's work from the hull of the Gallery. All art should be this rewarding.
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