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Hardley Davidson

Three years ago, 26-year-old rapper Aeneas "Hollywood" Middleton was living in New York City. He was ready to leave but didn't know where to go. "At that time, Nelly was number ten on TRL. Somebody told me, 'Yeah, the Midwest is where it's at,'" he says. And so, just like that, he pulled up stakes and brought his rhymes to the Lou. But... "I really couldn't find beats. People want to get paid, and they're not gonna give you what they'd give Nelly. I thought, I'll do it myself so I can get the sound I want to hear." Taking on the producer name Hardley Davidson (as in "hardly what you think"), he began blanketing the scene with free beats. Characterized by a stripped-down, poppy sound, he used live instruments, keyboards and a plethora of software. Success followed. He placed two songs on The Longest Yard soundtrack and, more recently, produced Potzee's hit single "Dat Girl." He also has a song on Chamillionaire's platinum album The Sound of Revenge. His next goal? To produce for Michael Jackson.
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