Best Power Lunch

Gamlin Whiskey House

Bourbon and back-room deals go together like meat and machismo. Fortunately for the city's power brokers, Gamlin Whiskey House has both in spades. But unlike some stuffier power-lunch eateries, Gamlin is a place to take off the jacket and loosen the tie (or to kick off one's heels and let the hair down). This Central West End restaurant has all the makings of a perfect power lunch: lots of red meat and pork in various forms, a booze list with a table of contents and a dark, moody atmosphere that sets the tone for secret mergers, and post-deal cigars (damn those pesky smoking ordinances). It's where the cool CEOs hang: think Richard Branson, not Donald Trump. Besides, if that billion-dollar merger falls through, wouldn't you like to be within arm's reach of one of the city's best whiskey selections?

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