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No way in hell were we going to meet them on their turf. That's what I like about this place. It's a friggin' no-man's land. Is it the city? Is it the county? What's that, you say? It's technically in the city? Good, make those bastards come to our neck of the woods. Watch your step going down the stairs. Great down here, isn't it? Think they call this décor dungeon chic. Let's grab that booth back in the corner. Yeah, this is good. Don't look now. Here they come. Hello. Great. Have a seat.... I think I'll go with the potato gnocchi. But you really can't go wrong with anything here.... So, anyway, we think ten is a fair number. Eight?! We can't do it for that.... Look, if you want to take a risk on the other guys, fine. Our bottom line is nine and a half, deal? Good. We'll courier over the contract this afternoon. Nah, go on. We'll get the check. See that, kid? That's how you do it. Our commission just jumped 50 percent. Now let's go wrap up the paperwork before they change their minds. Christ, it's bright out here. Hey, go fetch the car, would ya? I gotta take this call.

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