Best Power Lunch

Triumph Grill

During his prime at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, gossip columnist Jerry Berger often cataloged bits of hearsay under the heading "Overheard at Beffa's." It was a reference to the nondescript cafeteria on Olive Street where the city's movers and shakers used to converge at midday. (By "nondescript" we mean the place didn't even bother to announce its existence with a sign.) Beffa's closed earlier this year, so we asked Berger: Where do the elite meet to eat now? "Triumph Grill," he replied without hesitation. Nestled in the hexagonal block where Midtown Alley runs into Saint Louis University's campus, Triumph caters to all: Doctors, judges, professors, reporters, bankers, business folk, benefactors — they're all here. The fare is eclectic, just like the vintage motorcycles on display in the adjacent Moto Museum. But the food is a formality. Triumph is where you trade gossip, float ideas, cement relationships. It's for power lunch. Triumph provides the "lunch." Guests provide the "power."

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