Best Power Lunch

Papa Fabarre's

A power lunch doesn't have to take place at the poshest spot in town. In fact, power lunches might best be undertaken in more subtle surroundings. Like at Papa Fabarre's. Located on the second floor of the downtown Macy's, tucked behind the menswear department, Papa Fabarre's practically screams discretion. Not only does the eatery offer high-backed booths, but said booths are equipped with privacy curtains. The menu isn't anything to write home about (the restaurant is known for its French onion soup), but the atmosphere is the real deal. This is the kind of place that has been badly copied by so many chains that the authentic wood bar and belt-driven antique ceiling fans might be mistaken for shopping-mall-bar-and-grill fakes. They're not. This place is a living relic of a bygone era — an era when folks knew how to properly execute the power lunch.

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