Best Power Lunch

Café Napoli

The novice equates "power lunch" with "dropping tons of money." While a superficial business luncher may be impressed by an AmEx Black and a $14 glass of sparkling water, true players understand that power lies more in connections than in cash. That's why Café Napoli is such a popular spot with businesspeople in the know. Regardless of whether you actually know owner Tony Pietoso, his exuberant greeting (and unobtrusive yet sincere tableside visits) will make everyone in your group think that you're BFF with the guy. (And if you do know Tony Pietoso? Count on anything from a hug to a complimentary slice of delicious tiramisu, along with the admonition that "You must eat it, oh, you must!") Pietoso's charm and warmth is emulated by his staff; whether you're ordering a $200 bottle of cabernet or asking for a refill of your water, Café Napoli's servers respond with alacrity and graciousness. The restaurant's many alcoves are perfect for the kind of hush-hush business talk that leads to closing the deal. And when you do sign on that dotted line, consider celebrating — where else? — at Café Napoli. The restaurant's happy hour attracts as many movers and shakers as the lunch scene.

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