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Mike Shannon's Steaks & Seafood

A lot of St. Louisans, especially the kind who like to wash a Cardinals game down with Jäger bombs, think of Mike Shannon's as an after-party. Others, especially the kind who drive all the way from the county to see their beloved Cardinals, think of it for a pregame happy hour. But there's a whole Rolex-and-Brooks Brothers crowd that only sets foot in the place at lunchtime. And this lesser-known but much higher-quality version of Mike Shannon's Steaks & Seafood is most adept at accommodating the masters of the St. Louis universe. Friendly and efficient, the Mike Shannon's staff can whisk the big guys (and gals) in and out in an hour without making it feel too brisk. The menu, with its beef carpaccio, New England clam chowder, truffled chicken salad and turkey club, has something to offer the executives of both worlds, yuppie and blueblood, flashy and frugal. Finally, the deep, deep wine list cultivated by proprietor Pat Shannon does wonders for greasing the wheels of business. Mike Shannon's is a fine place, indeed, to seal a deal.

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