Best Power Lunch

Bristol Seafood Grill

When one thinks of "power lunching" in St. Louis, a few well-known names spring to mind: Cardwell's, Kitchen K, Kemoll's. For those who work in the Westport area and its environs, though, Bristol Seafood Grill tops the roster of places at which to woo out-of-town clients, talk serious business or reward overworked office minions. Low lighting, simple yet elegant décor and the choice of intimate tables or private rooms — it all sends a clear signal from the get-go that this ain't your everyday feedbag session at the Trainwreck or Bread Co. If the atmosphere weren't enough, there's the food and service. The complimentary cheese biscuits always arrive piping hot and delicious and quickly disappear from the table. Everyone is secretly hoping another batch will appear — and voila! It always does. Meanwhile, fresh and inventive seafood preparations are under way in the kitchen. People swear by Bristol's crab cakes and often ask for a double order as an entrée. They're that good — just like the entire Bristol experience.
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