Best Power Lunch

Kitchen K

Whether you're a mover/shaker or just like to be in their company (those sharp suits! those constantly ringing cell phones! those knowing nods across the room!), Kitchen K is the power-lunch place for you. The lunch crowd comprises what in this big small town passes for a heady mix, from politicos to grassroots do-gooders to out-of-town developers being squired through downtown and persuaded that they really do want in on this whole "revitalized St. Louis" thing. Restaurateur Pablo Weiss has been around the block a few times (well, actually a couple of blocks, but within a mile radius), and two other deft touches seal the deal here: food that's fancy enough to impress your luncheon partner without being overly precious/messy/hard to eat because of its verticality or performance-art presentation, and floor-to-ceiling windows so the competition can see you chatting up your quarry. Bon appetit, sucker!
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