Best Potato Chips

Red Hot Riplets

Fun fact: St. Louis leads the nation in Kool-Aid consumption. There are competing theories as to why this is, but we're going with the one put forward by Murphy Lee: "I need some Kool-Aid/With my Red Hot Riplets," goes the chorus of the song Lee dedicated to Old Vienna's best product. In a safety-coated world in which the wimps usually call the shots, Red Hot Riplets are devilishly, fabulously hot. Swallow the wrong way and you'll weep with pain. They're also, happily, not gourmet in any respect -- not cooked in a hand-stirred kettle, not lightly dusted with sea salt, not gussied up in any of the silly, silly ways that people have lately mistreated the humble but elegant potato chip. If we wanted to be fancy, we wouldn't eat chips. Pass the Kool-Aid, please.
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