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Boxing Clever

When Vintage Vinyl needs eye-catching art for an in-store musical performance or band appearance, the record shop calls on Boxing Clever. The two-year-old ad agency prides itself on diverse designs and the egalitarian way they're commissioned. In fact, the company stresses that its fleet of art directors contributes to the creativity. Sometimes these designs are literal (a comic-book-zombie-esque rendition of X's John Doe; a creepy, hairy, magenta arachnid for the Pink Spiders), at other times they're fanciful (a cartoon dinosaur lounging on the beach licking an ice-cream cone heralds an appearance by Thao with the Get Down Stay Down). At still other times they're award winning: A skull- and lightning-laden poster commissioned for an appearance by Canadian metal band Anvil nabbed the agency a trophy.

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