Best Pork Steak

Phil's Bar-B-Que

If your family were to own a barbecue joint, it'd be Phil's. The décor of this little shack -- located on Gravois Road east of Mackenzie, in the neighborhood known as Wilbur Park -- is reminiscent of your grandparents' wood-paneled basement, bedecked as it is with kitschy porcelain pigs, cookie jars and framed photos of young'uns who are probably in their thirties by now. Mom and Dad would be in charge of the exposed kitchen and your brother would provide prompt and amiable service. The number of variations on pork -- pulled, sandwiches, breaded cutlets, pork steak and, inexplicably, a side of extra pork -- is only outdone by the number of sides you can choose to accompany them. Somewhere within the breading and the sauce is enough spice to break a mild sweat, but in a good way that a cold beer can remedy and even complement. The ridiculous cuts of meat take over the plates like Genghis Khan conquering Mongolia and make the gratis slices of Texas toast-style white bread look like pansies in comparison. Better still, your next day's lunch is all but guaranteed.
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