Best Popsicles

La Vallesana 2

Mexicans call popsicles paletas, and you should, too: The word "popsicle" seems too quaint, too childish, for something as grown-up as the paletas at La Vallesana 2 (sister restaurant to La Vallesana, the taqueria across the street). While the paletas at La Vallesana certainly are sweet, they aren't as cloying — as fake — as, say, a Bomb Pop. You can taste the tart undertones of a strawberry or blackberry, which on a hot day makes them even more refreshing. (It helps, of course, that there are chunks of real fruit frozen in the ice.) Paletas also venture beyond the popsicle's hidebound spectrum of fruit flavors — try cucumber, or spicy pineapple. (You must try the latter at least once. You can see the specks of chile in the pineapple ice, but foreknowledge won't prepare you for the kick of heat — or how awesome the combination of the cold, sweet ice and the sweat provoked by the chile feels on a day when the temperature nudges triple digits.)

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