Best Poodle Hair Salon

Doggie Den

The name conjures up visions of plush leather couches arranged under the shade of a sugar maple, with dogs stretched out, an opium haze in their eyes, fire hydrants a short trot away. Because the Doggie Den sits in suburban St. Louis, though, the shop is the polar opposite: an anonymous strip-mall storefront. But as any mutt owner knows, it's what's inside that counts. The Doggie Den has been in business since 1955. The shop specializes in poodles, though it handles the gamut, from Chihuahua to dachshund to shepherd. DD doesn't tranquilize the pooches, and its groomers are CPR certified. Yes, they know doggy CPR, and it turns out to be useful. Last year, the staff saved the life of a grandpa dog that collapsed while being groomed. Doggie Den may not be the most decorated canine salon in the region, but it's popular. Book your appointment in advance, because the schedule can fill up a month ahead. Time your visit right and you might spot one of the salon's excellently coifed, equally affected blueblood poodles strutting out the door.
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