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Jeff Kopp's Savage Kick

Though terrestrial radio remains relatively relevant, podcasts are increasingly popular, providing music fans with yet another listening convenience. Locally, former KDHX (88.1 FM) host Jeff Kopp (The Wayback Machine) offers the Garage Punk Podcast network (, which features a variety of self-produced garage-punk shows from primitive-rock genre enthusiasts spanning several states — including his own program, Savage Kick. Asked to define garage punk, Kopp responds, "To me it just means primitive rock & roll played with trashy analog equipment and recorded without slick production techniques. It's a throwback to past eras of rock & roll and combines early rockabilly and R&B with the fire and excitement of '70s punk. It's about getting loaded, living recklessly and having fun, not skill or professionalism or getting rich playing music for the masses. It's what rock & roll ought to be." Couldn't have said it better ourselves. And the beauty of it is you can listen anytime.
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