Best Place to Zone Out

Carondelet Park

Staff Pick

It might seem like a weird thing to prioritize while we’re all so bored we think that we might just fall asleep, but zoning out in beautiful scenery is often important to our mental health. Being in a natural setting is so beneficial to our brains, especially while we might be partaking in — ahem — nature’s special flower buds or fungus friends. And the best place to find a quiet little bit of the natural world in which to zone out is Carondelet Park. In addition to its popular lake, playgrounds, picnic areas and bike path, the park also offers large expanses of sparsely populated open space, particularly on the west side of the boathouse. If you’re looking for a spot with no activities and where you can mostly be left alone to stare at a tree waving in the breeze, Carondelet Park can’t be beat. — Jaime Lees

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