Best Place to Watch Another Major Sporting Event While the Cardinals Are on TV

The sofa in your living room

One would think that, in the midst of the NBA finals, a certain Soulard watering hole with three television sets might take the proactive step of having the Lakers-Nets on just one itty-bitty boob tube while the Cardinals take on the Royals in a meaningless early-season game. Wrong. After much arm-twisting, this hoop dream might become reality, but come on -- should it really take any arm-twisting at all? It's the NBA fucking finals and, besides, even at this early stage it's obvious that the Cards will roll through their crummy-ass division anyway, rest assured. So what's a paltry game against the shitso crosstown rivals worth in early June? Plenty, in St. Louis. On the eighth day, God created the Redbirds. It's a double-edged sword for the hoop fan, especially the non-native. And you wonder why St. Louis can't land a pro-hoop franchise.
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