Best Place to Wake Up and Get Down

The Grind/Sol Lounge

Since last we met over the pages of a Best of St. Louis edition, we've all gotten a year older, a bit wiser, but also a smidge more fatigued. Hey, there's no shame in any of that! Remember: Being tired is not a sign of being feeble. It just means you need more coffee to keep you going till the wee hours. Thanks to the Grind coffeehouse and Sol Lounge (and their overlapping evening hours), incorporating the caffeinated beverage into your late-night plans has never been easier. From the front, the Grind looks pretty much like a charming coffee shop. And it is. But walk around to a doorway on the side of the building — after getting your bean buzz on, of course — and you'll find that this entrance leads you into a spacious and gorgeous lounge, complete with super-high ceilings, great DJs, friendly bartenders and potent drinks (for that other buzz you crave). Plus, the diverse crowd ranges from the young to the less young, so everyone feels welcome, comfortable and, most important, ready to dance!

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