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Wolf Howl

Sometimes life in the city/suburbs/exurbs can really get to you. The traffic. (Specifically, the red lights everywhere you want to go, in every direction.) The crowds. The people. Their children. Sometimes it all just makes you want to scream! Here's a better idea: Call up the Wild Canid Survival and Research Center in Eureka and make a reservation for an Evening Wolf Howl. The events cost $7 per person for Canid Center members, $10 for nonmembers. On the appointed night, you'll learn about wolves and wolf habits from one of the center's rangers, then venture down a dirt path into the woods. Out there in the darkness are the wolves. (Don't worry. They're separated from you by a nice sturdy fence.) Throw back your head and howl "Ah-WOOOOOOOO!" Do it again. "Ah-WOOOOOOOO!" Doesn't that feel great? If you're lucky, the wolves and pups will howl right back, ghostly laughter in the night.

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