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9 Mile Garden

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Instead of waiting around for food trucks to come to you, in St. Louis you can now go to them. Affton’s 9 Mile Garden opened this summer, and the outdoor food mall was sure to be a hit. A collaboration between Guerrilla Street Food co-owner Brian Hardesty and Seneca Commercial Real Estate (which owns the shopping center on Gravois Road where it’s located), the garden can host more than 25 food trucks on its property, making it the best place to sample a wide variety of food in just one quick visit. In an effort to protect staff and customers from COVID-19, the entire operation shut down for a bit earlier this year before reopening with new rules, sanitation and social distancing guidelines. But even though the pandemic has cost them some business, 9 Mile Garden remains one of the most popular places in town to stuff your face. Hot tip: You’re not going to be able to eat everything that you want to try at this place, so grab some items to go for a little treat at home later. — Jaime Lees

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