Best Place to Tamper with a Jury


You've got a problem: You've been hired to talk some sense into John Q. Juror but you've forgotten the details. Was the trial going to be held in the civil courthouse, the municipal courts building or the Eagleton federal courthouse? Never fear, beefy friend -- finding your sap is going to be a snap. The three venues are all within a couple of blocks of one another. Better still, no matter where your target began his day, odds are that he's going to spend the midsection of it dining at the Subway at 1010 Market Street. Why? There's not much else around unless you count the St. Louis Steakhouse on Eleventh Street -- and let's face it, no one on a juror's salary can afford the St. Louis Steakhouse. Most any weekday you can duck your head in and find the place crawling with jurors, easily recognizable by their yellow badges that say: Juror. Now where'd you put that lead pipe?
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