Best Place to Take Out-of-Town Visitors to Gross Them Out

St. Louis Zoo Insectarium

This would otherwise be a tossup between anyplace that serves biscuits and gravy or uses Provel cheese, but a visit to the St. Louis Zoo's Insectarium should rank at the top of the list. Now, we like insects (and arachnids, and gastropods) just fine, but some may find some of the exhibits disquieting. For example, a facsimile kitchen, complete with a knife smeared with faux peanut butter and studded with carpenter ants. Or the crisper drawer of a fridge -- pull it open and watch the roaches scuttle! Banana ... slugs, anyone? (These are as yellow but, alas, not quite as big as their namesake.) And if you're a fan of maggots, go early in the day, when the exhibits that have expired in the night are fed to their fellow attractions. The greenhouse filled with beautifully fluttering exotic butterflies from Asia and South America provides an antidote of sorts.
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