Best Place to Stretch Your Musical Dollars

Ron Busch Guitar Studios

As the music superstores advertise sale after sale after sale, you wonder how they stay in business what with everything being "up to 78 percent off, this weekend only!" Maybe it's because their prices were 78 percent too high to begin with. Anyway, if you're in the market for a guitar or an amp or just a new effect pedal, look no further than the Ron Busch Guitar Studio. Ron Busch, proprietor and self-proclaimed Guitar Man, may not slash his prices every week, but that's because he's keeping them within reason from the get-go. His labyrinth of a store is packed with a large collection of truly weird and vintage gear, some of it new and some of it used. Looking for a Mosrite copy by Dillon with a Bigsby tremolo and a decent price? He's got it. Want that Dimebag Darrel Washburn signature model, replete with lightning-bolt paint job and $1400 price tag? He's got that, too. From the amp in a briefcase to the blue vinyl padded bass amp, Ron Busch has the unusual items you just can't find in those cookie-cutter chain stores. And with his knowledgeable staff and low- to no-pressure sales technique, you can take your time playing around with your choice before you decide to buy it. And you know you will, because where else are you gonna find a blue Vox Phantom copy with a lipstick pickup?

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