Best Place To Stretch $20

Globe Discount Variety

Looking for a bottle of Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific! or a porcelain toothpick dispenser bearing the likeness of an inebriated frog? How about a fuzzy fuchsia acrylic sweater, toy-poodle size, or a six-pack of bargain-basement beer, the sight of which conjures pleasant adolescent memories of your first punk-rock show? Wipe off the dust on that tin of Afro-Sheen and marvel at the price tag, immune to the ravages of inflation and surely as old as the merchandise to which it's affixed; congratulate yourself on finding the perfect refrigerator magnet for your hard-to-please cousin; stock up on such staples as fingernail-polish remover, fake eyelashes (hussy length!) and industrial-strength hairnets. At Globe Discount Variety Store, you'll find not only useful products (including just about every form of alcohol ever invented) but ample opportunities for reverie: Snatches of hilarious jingles emerge from the recesses of your brain as you stumble across beloved brands that you assumed to be long discontinued. You can fill a stocking or a small piñata for less than the cost of the container, with items not to be found on three continents, as you while away the hours, contemplating unlikely fads, ill-advised marketing schemes and the inexorable march of time.
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