Best Place to Start Your Weekend

Blues City Deli

If you're so fancy that you swear by starting the weekend with some oontz-oontz at nine on a Saturday night, do yourself a favor and stop reading. Only hoosiers with bona fides will want the scoop on the city's best midday Saturday street party. Every week at 11:30 a.m. at the corner of McNair Avenue and Victor Street in Benton Park, Blues City Deli owner Vince Valenza and his sons commence serving up Abita beer and greasy hoagies — be they pulled pork, sloppy roast beef or muffuletta. The mounds of meat typically have you immobilized by one o'clock, which is right about when Vince gives the cue for the live music. Sometimes it's big band, sometimes acoustic. Often it's old-fashioned blues. This ain't a dance party. And talking is tough. But come three or four, your engines could be equally greased for a night on the town or a relaxing evening of channel-surfing. Either way, the vibe by this hour is right, and the premonition of those Monday blues is still faint, if it even registers.

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