Best Place to Spend the Day with Grandma

Plaza Frontenac

In her prime, Grandma was the queen of the shoppers. The woman could determine the quality of a store just from its smell. The credit-card bill sometimes made Grandpa break out in a cold sweat, but even he couldn't deny she always looked like a million bucks. (Besides, what did he know? He liked to go downtown in boat shoes and torn dungarees. Oh, how he drove Grandma crazy!) Her glory days, when she would break into a run at the first sight of Saks, are behind her, but she hasn't lost her eye — or her nose — for the finer things. What would make her happier than a day with you, her beloved and perfect grandchild, at Plaza Frontenac, in her very element? Yes, it's a little pricey, but Grandma doesn't believe in wasting her money on schlock. It's not a bargain if it falls apart the first time it goes through the wash. Grandma always buys the classics. How lucky, they have four Talbots stores here! And Ann Taylor! And the bright prints at Graphic Traffic are darling! Grandpa never let her go inside Tiffany & Co. for fear of what she'd do, but a little peek won't hurt anybody. The Zodiac Room at Neiman Marcus is just like the department-store tearooms where she used to meet the girls for lunch. Grandma needs to rest more often than she used to, and those chairs and sofas are so darn comfortable. And there are so many of them! The movie theater is simply marvelous: The seats are raised enough so she can see. Just perfect, especially with a nice glass of chardonnay from the bar. (It'll be our secret.) They show such nice movies here, like Persepolis, about that Iranian girl who always listens to her grandmother. You sweetheart, you've given Grandma the nicest day out she's had in such a long time.

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