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Micro Center

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If electronics stores leave you frustrated, you simply must try a visit to Micro Center in Brentwood. Best Buy is boring and old-style, but Micro Center is exciting and has tons of things you didn't even know that you wanted. It's easy to find an employee here to help service your high-end needs, but the real fun comes while you're waiting in the serpentine checkout line. Scanning those shelves stuffed with low-dollar items will test your impulse-purchase skills like never before. Did you need a tiny flashlight? You definitely need some batteries. You didn't know you needed a phone tripod until now, did you? Oh dang, a universal remote could really be useful. And that bit of stylized molded plastic to wrap your headphone cord around would really help you be a better, more organized person, wouldn't it? Go ahead, blow $10 on something you don't need at all in this aisle. You work hard. You deserve it.

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