Best Place to Slow Dance

Tim's Chrome Bar

She lights a cigarette from twenty stools away and you notice her. All is dim inside Tim's Chrome Bar, a super-old-school lounge in Bevo. But between the neon beer signs and lighted Christmas greenery (in August), this lovely lady is the only thing that's really glowing to your twentysomething eyes. Never mind that she's old enough to be your grandmother. Just about everybody else is too. For years, they've all been coming to Tim Pappas' joint on Fridays and Saturdays to sip Manhattans and cut a rug to the tunes of the house band, Hot Property. But right now, the keyboard/guitar duo is playing a slow one. You marshal all your courage, approach the woman, clear your throat and extend a sweaty hand. She accepts. You both glide onto the wooden dance floor to "Can't Help Falling in Love." You say you're thrilled to hear a UB40 song. Confused, she smiles and mentions Elvis Presley. No matter. As you and granny sway together to the music, time stands still.

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