Best Place to Slow Dance

Hide Away Restaurant & Lounge

The motivation for visiting a low-lit piano bar can vary widely depending on one's mindset, age and current company. For some it's a very real trip down memory lane or a mellow, anonymous atmosphere to take the edge off of a hectic day. For others it can be a place that somehow induces nostalgia for a simpler time (that he or she may or may not even remember) when the drinks were stiffer and the songs were meant to be taken at face value. But the Hide Away, with its ruby-red ambiance and classic romantic feel, always holds the potential to be a perfect setting for an enchanted moment when, after a few drinks, a suitor may ask the object of his affection to join him in a slow swaying embrace, soaking in a standard and letting the world go — if only for a few cheesy moments.

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