Best Place to Slow Dance

Wedding receptions

For all of the love that's professed at your typical wedding, the guests aren't usually feeling it. Whether they're pissed about losing an entire Saturday, unimpressed with the reception food or annoyed with their assigned table, one thing is certain: The invitees are bitching. But complainers deserve to feel love, too! The best way for a sourpuss to capture some of that lovin' feelin' (in spite of the fact that the DJ's spinnin' "You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'") is to grab a partner and hit the dance floor on the down-tempo tunes. Slow-dancing is one of the most pure romantic gestures. A little bit naughty but also sweetly innocent, like an extended hug with a little rhythm. Plus, it's something everyone can do, no matter the song, no matter the age, no matter the grouch factor. And when the reluctant slow-dancers catch a glimpse of the bride and groom holding each other close and gazing into one another's eyes, love washes over the dance floor, and all of the crabbiness dissolves like the tiniest snowflake on the tongue.
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