Best Place to Slow-Dance

Two of a Kind

Two of a Kind is the type of funky, old-school hangout John Shaft might have frequented after a day of bedding babes and busting two-bit hustlers. The place screams 1970s hip, with ragged posters of jazz and blues greats lining the walls and an upstairs lounge that features red plastic chairs so ergonomic and stylish they look as though they've been ripped off the starship Enterprise. The bar offers no dance floor per se, but then slow dancing was never meant to be confined to place or time. At Two of a Kind the love shuffle is spontaneous, with folks taking their partner for a spin whenever they see fit. With one of the best R&B jukeboxes in town -- Anita Baker, Miles Davis, the Isley Brothers, Al Green, Marvin Gaye, Whitney Houston...and the Shaft maestro himself, Isaac Hayes -- Two of a Kind always has plenty of good music to gently rock the night away.
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