Best Place to Slow Dance

VFW Post 3944

The Friday night hot spot in Overland, VFW Post 3944 is the kind of place where karaoke isn't for besotted ironists with a taste for the '80s -- it's a for-real entertainment option here. Try to pull off a drunk version of "Walking on Sunshine" here, though, and you'll be met with dumb stares from the hardcore military men and the women who love them. In fact, you're better off leaving the karaoke to the regulars and sticking to the dance floor. It's the slow songs -- the old tear-in-my-beer honky-tonk songs, power ballads and whatever nuevo-country weeper is at the top of the charts at the time -- that matter at Post 3944. "My Heart Will Go On," Celine Dion's hit from Titanic, might just be the all-time, hands-down, ladies-haul-your-fellas-out-on-the-floor theme among VFW wives in Overland.
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