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Ramp Riders Skatepark

Those seeking new thrills in inlines or on skateboards or RipSticks should pay a visit to Ramp Riders Skatepark, an enormous brick warehouse located less than a mile from where Interstate 55 crosses Gravois and filled to the brim with a new layout of sturdy wooden ramps. The skatepark offers one of the best and safest locations in St. Louis to practice your ollie, nosegrind or kickflip, or to acquire said skills. Staff members, who are also members of competitive skateboarding and inline teams, offer helpful private lessons to teach you the tricks of inline skating and skateboarding; Ramp Riders also hosts competitive monthly all-nighter skates — a great way to see and learn the best new feats on wheels. The park is open daily (consult their website for hours) and charges a fee of $10 per session.

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