Best Place to Seek Forgiveness

From a Priest Who's Sinned

The marble pedestal has crumbled, the pulpit's sunk below pew level, the flying buttresses can no longer support the weight of conscience. Truth tumbles down all over the Archdiocese of St. Louis: Our Roman Catholic priests are mere human beings -- a few of them outright criminals, others no more capable of disciplining their sexual urges than the most wanton prostitute in the Bible. Many of these men have used their power -- both sacramental and institutional -- to protect themselves and each other from consequences. Now we want only to expose, punish and banish them. Yet they, broken and humbled, are the ideal confessors, keenly aware of the twists of sin and the desperate need for a forgiveness that at first seems impossible to grant. They will not mumble mindless litanies; they will not swell with their own power as judge and divine intercessor; they will not fall back on smug religiosity. Keep them from children, by all means -- but find one for yourself and, together, pour out your sins.
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