Best Place to Rollerblade

The Loop

St. Louis is a city of conformists. It is also a city of few Rollerbladers. Both of these theories are proven painfully accurate when one deigns to skate down Delmar through the throngs of sidewalk diners and teenage posses crowding the Loop on a daily basis. So relentless is the staring that takes place, one might feel compelled to double-check that one does not, in fact, possess two heads. But a little shaking up of the status quo is a good thing, and there's plenty of people-watching in it for the skater as well. (Count the number of ruffled miniskirts we see from City Hall to The Pageant -- go!) The Loop's flat topography lends itself to long skating strides, and the constant lateral weaving through traffic (both foot and car) required to navigate this strip gives the ol' saddlebags a great workout.
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