Best Place to Remind Yourself to Try to Enjoy Life

Bellefontaine Cemetery

Staff Pick

It’s so easy to get into our own heads and worry constantly about problems both big and small. The pandemic has added a new layer onto human misery, with anxiety, fear and loneliness becoming not just common but standard. So sometimes it’s nice to remember that on a long enough timeline, all problems disappear. A trip to Bellefontaine Cemetery (or its equally gorgeous neighbor, Calvary Cemetery) will ground you in a way that is hard to find in other places. A nice, socially distanced walk in the open air is just what the doctor ordered if you’re too stuck in your own mind. Each of those tombstones represents a person who had many of the same fears and worries that we have, but none of it matters anymore. Life is fleeting and we must try to enjoy it while we still have it. Knowing that we will die might be an odd way to achieve a zen state of mind, but in these times you have to just go with whatever works. — Jaime Lees

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