Best Place to Put Your "Eat Local" Cred Where Your Mouth Is

Floppin-N-Fryin Market

After the New Oxford American Dictionary named "locavore" its word of the year in 2007, foodies dutifully spent 2008 foraging farmers' markets for food from within 100 miles of their homes. But while herb gardens and local produce are all well and good, everyone knows good-old-fashioned protein, mostly in the form of chicken, pork, beef and fish, is needed to survive. Enter the Floppin-N-Fryin Market. The market, housed in a dingy yellow shack at the west end of MLK Drive, is open Thursday through Saturday. The store receives a shipment of live fish every Wednesday from commercial fishermen who work the Illinois and Ohio rivers. The selection runs the gamut, from catfish and perch to frog legs and crawdads. You can order your fish "rough," with head, guts and all, or "dressed," in which case an assembly line of workers cleans and fillets the creature before your eyes. It's every protein-starved locavore's dream come true.

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