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Mandarin Lounge restroom

After a few months of spending Saturday nights in your jammies with only John Walsh to keep you company — this breakup was tough and watching America's Most Wanted didn't help matters — you're ready to get back in the game. You've picked Mandarin Lounge for your re-debut. (Good choice, by the way.) And lo and behold, you've actually met someone who's charming, sweet and easy on the eyes, and who has a good job and a car — you know, the things a grown man should have. He seems like a great guy, but you can't tell if he's running game. You need a minute to think things through. You agree to meet back at the table in a few minutes; you're just going to powder your nose. As you're doing that and reapplying lipstick and floofing your hair, you hear a familiar voice from the other side of the bathroom. It's him! He doesn't realize that the men's and women's restrooms are connected by a shared mini-waterfall sink — and he's talking about you! He likes you, really! No game, just genuine interest! You silently thank Saint Barbara (the patron saint of restroom designers) and hurry back to the table.
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