Best Place to Play Pool

The Famous Bar

There's no denying that the minute you grab the pool cue, a certain feeling of utter coolness comes over you. You are slick and smooth, your moves are calculated and your face serious, with a snarled lip and one keen, squinting eye to intimidate your opponents. Why not play on a table that matches? The Famous Bar offers just that — the dark, wooden arches and elegant bar give the room a Rat Pack feel, making you want to order a high ball and adopt an old-timey accent. Then possibly light some dame's cigarette with matches as you tilt your fedora, because, yes, smoking is still allowed in this bar. There are two tables with ample space surrounding them, so there's no risk of hitting someone in the head on a long backstroke. So lean over the rail and shoot away for a pool shark's night on the town.

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