Best Place to Play Pool

The Cue

The dingy, poorly lighted pool halls of your grandfather's memory are a thing of the past. Billiard halls were once the bane of high society — at least in The Music Man, where pool sharks threatened to undo the moral fiber of River City. In this particular river city, though, you needn't look further than Maplewood's the Cue for a friendly game of 8-ball. Located in an unassuming strip mall, the Cue offers nine tables and — unless you're a total pro who travels with your own — a bevy of good-quality cues. The Cue succeeds in setting an inviting atmosphere by not cramming the space full of billiard tables; the bar area has plenty of seating for socializing or watching the game on the big-screen television, and the perky bar staff will serve you with a smile. Sure, the regulars may try to hustle you, but that's part of the charm of a pool hall.

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