Best Place to Play Pinball

Apop Records

Why, hello, gray cat. I see you there out of the corner of my eye, perched atop the broken pinball machine at Apop Records on Cherokee. Your feline eyes dart back and forth, following the flippers of High Speed, Apop's other, working pinball machine. It's a shame you don't know there's a glass pane between you and the balls and flippers you stalk. But it's cuter this way. Apop customers can take a break from digging through bins of vinyl, thumbed-through zines and used books on radical topics to play a game or two of pinball. And when they do, they're likely to find Beryl, Apop's curious gray cat, observing them. If you think of Apop as a repository dedicated to the analog age, its two pinball machines fit right in.

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