Best Place to Play Pinball

Sci-Fi Lounge

For some reason, Coyote gives directions to his sci-fi lounge by noting that it has a giant chicken out front. It does have a giant chicken out front, but that ain't even the most interesting or eye-catching thing about this place. Coyote is an artist/nerd who manages the vintage arcade at the City Museum, so naturally his own gallery/toy museum/arcade includes an old pinball machine. As of this writing, the game is Super Spin, made by Gottlieb in 1977 and supplied by Eric Sciuto, collector and proprietor of Old Tyme Games. Like all of Sciuto's games, Super Spin is in great shape. The plunger spring is tight, the flippers snap, the bells go "ding." High scores are recorded on a piece of paper taped to the machine. At last check, the current champ is "Otter." But you don't have to use an animal nickname, Coyote says.
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