Best Place to Play Fantasy Sports


Fantasy football is awesome because people take it way too seriously, even while knowing that they're taking it way too seriously. It's a self-consciously ridiculous activity. So what better place to hold a fantasy-football draft than Hooters, the most self-consciously ridiculous restaurant in America? Hours and hours of crude football-related jokes are best spent among topnotch chicken wings and women in tight clothing. With such amusing distractions, you can be sure there will be that guy who picks Brett Favre in the second round. As an added bonus, that other guy, the one who always insists on conveying his picks over the phone because he's too busy with real life to attend, can only listen as your waitress puts her hand on your shoulder and asks whether you want a side of blue cheese or ranch. The downtown branch of the restaurant offers large private rooms for activities such as fantasy drafts, so your decision to pick two kickers stays safely concealed from the general public.

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