Best Place to Play Darts

The Schlafly Tap Room

If you're looking for a chill evening of darts and beers, you can't beat downtown's Schlafly Tap Room. This may not be an obvious choice, as the boards here don't attract throngs of professional sharpshooters, but that's the appeal. Tucked away in its own section of the spacious Tap Room, the boards are generally free for your enjoyment, even on a busy Saturday night. In place of fierce competition, the Tap Room offers a backdrop of restored brick walls and large picturesque windows, making this is a relaxed, leisurely affair, without a lot of judgmental eyes. That also means there's plenty of space for safe, alcohol-fueled misfires. You can also enjoy live music from the stage on the opposite side of the room. Around the corner from the dart boards are dozens of Schlafly beers on tap at the bar and excellent pub fare to refuel on once you've exhausted your wrist muscles.

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